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Learn words, verbs and grammar

We will provide you all the material based on question and answers to speak easily with people in the foreign country.

Not only words alone

We do not learn you isolated words. All the pieces you will learn will be incorporated in sentences for a better understanding.

Spaced repetition

Spatial repetition is a learning technique that consists of being questioned all the less often when one masters the question.

Quick answer

You will have a very short time to answer, for giviing you an automatic and quick reaction to the language.

Sounds and rewards

A great pronunciation using two native-speaker. Music and sound rewards for a high motivation.


We put all our efforts to help you to progress in a very abordable price.

A lot of psychological proven technics inside

Our course are calibrated to be no more than 20 minutes givinng you the best attention for a minimum of time to learn this new language.

With a lot of other technics as spaced repetition, rewards, humour, learning words in context, etc. you will discover that learning a new language has never be so easy!